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Answer - I have a lot to say about what this means to me! I have said it before. I did it because of my own son not having the opportunity to showcase his talent when he was younger in his junior age. This is also for my nephews and their friends too, to showcase their talents as well. 

But the opportunity was when I visited the All-Blacks Carnival back in 2018, when I had an invitation to attend a men’s breakfast with Uncle Randal Ross at the Sport Reserve Complex when Sam Rueben was the official organisation manager. I spoke to him which encouraged me after seeing how hard he worked to organise the event that year 2018! I enjoy watching our Burdekin Roosters A Grade team, when my son played his first year with them and scored his first try against the Mackay Magpies in a friendly game early in the season. I decided to organise a team from our backyard and families’ sons from Townsville, Rocky and Cairns. Know who these players were and where they came from to join in our team to encourage our local boys to rise and be counted. From 2019-2023, The Burdekin Delta Dolphins have redeemed themselves as community members and families. Having my families and family friends come together over the weekends brings JOY to me as a son, Brother, Husband, Father, Granddaddy and a friend means so much to me especially our Community The Burdekin Delta. The ladies are part of this family too!!

Answer - The feeling when the men and women won their first game was a nail biter.  Well, the second game for the men was a draw against a strong Bowen side. That gave us the upper hand. The third game was against Saltwater Boys and this game was tough as we had Tom’s brothers’ rivalry against their younger brother who played with a very sore collarbone. The feeling after winning the game against the Saltwater Boys was unreal but it felt good as I had tears in my eyes, that’s how good it felt to me. That’s when I knew we was heading to the Big Dance!!

To be honest with you all, I knew our ladies had a really big chance in making the grand final because of the way they played the game. I always saw the ladies playing for other teams and winning the GF for those teams. The other ladies from around our district who have given their time up to play over the weekend, had an opportunity to go to the Big Dance for 2023. As a coach / manager, for me to see (2) two Burdekin Delta Dolphins team making the biggest impact in The Bindal Sharks All Blacks Carnival for 2023 is a Statement! That is a History made event in itself, if you ask me and I am still buzzing.   

Answer - The Mens side have been running since 2019 as I said before in another question. Why I put the team in each year since 2019 until 2023 is so the young men can showcase their talents, skills and abilities. Everyone can see how much they have improved themselves over the years. This is why I put the side into each competition each year.  

Answer - The Bur-Del Co-Op, Begg Consulting, Ferguson Plumbing, Eddie-net IT, Betta Electrix and Donation from BCF & Crocodile Windscreen

It was the first time for this squad (Burdekin Delta Dolphin Womens Team) to play in the Bindal Sharks All Blacks Carnival 2023 but also for a few of the ladies to have to opportunity to playing alongside each other in this squad. 

It was a massive achievement for the ladies to make Grand Final in the comp and also being a new team, we were definitely the under dogs in this comp.. 

I’m so very proud of these ladies and everyone involved including my manager Martina Monday who was a massive help and several other people who put their hands up to assist in other aspects. 

Also, a massive thankyou to our sponsors and everyone behind the scenes because it takes a team to pull something like this off.

A massive thankyou to Emene Monday because without someone like him and his vision to propose registering a women’s team none of this would be possible. 

He not only opened the doors for me to coach once again but to showcase our players and our future generations of talent right here in the Burdekin & surrounding areas for both men and women. 

I look forward to more future football endeavours with Burdekin Delta Dolphins and to see where our local talent leads us.

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