Bur Del

About Us

About Bur-Del Co-Operative

Since March 1975 Burdel Co-Operative Advancement Society has provided rental accommodation for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island and South Sea Islander + non-Indigenous families in the Burdekin Region.

Burdel aims to provide affordable and culturally appropriate housing to its tenants across both The Burdekin Region and Townsville Region.

To date, Burdel Co-Op owns and manages a total of 38 houses, four individual units with 2 bedrooms and 30 one-bedroom unit in our very own Complex. Burdel tenancy also manages 5 other units with two bedrooms under Community Housing.


Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To provide culturally appropriate housing, support and advocacy for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders & Australian South Sea Islander people within the Burdekin Community.

Our Mission

To manage housing for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders & Australian South Sea Islander families who may be homeless or at risk of homelessness or in Crisis within the Burdekin Community. Also, to assist our people to maintain their level of independence to live actively within their own homes and in the community.

Our Values

For our tenants, community, staff, management, and each other.

Acting honestly and transparently in all our dealings, and being committed to the interest of our community.

To meet the needs of the tenant as a priority.

A commitment to our community and the quality of our work.

Ongoing capacity building across all levels of Bur-Del CAS.

Promoting cultural awareness and respect.

Need Help ?

Please raise your concerns with us first by calling us on (07) 4783 3680 if you have any questions regarding your services, care, or tenancy.
We will endeavour to address your concerns or worries quickly and respectfully.